How long is the lead time for a costumer specific wiring harness?


From order intake to delivery avg. 3 days.
How will ams reichert handle last minute product design changes?


For e.g. the change of wire length or new connector type can be implemented on the fly in our fully digital process. We only need an updated wire harness design file.
My product needs an complete production documentation.

End-to-End Digital Documentation

Our integrated digital documentation provides a complete end-to-end documentation.
Expensive reworking

Zero Errors

Displacement failure leads to non-ok part.
How does ams reichert help me to achieve my CO₂ reduction goals?

Low Environmental Impact

We can offer a local production for short transport routes and low material consumption due to reduced scrap rate.
How can ams reichert help me to reduce my product costs?

Lean Processes

Our simplified and automated processes eliminate no value adding processes e.g., semi-finished good storage.
How long is the preparation time for a new ams reichert production plant?


Our standardized production units result in a scalable, modular and simplified factory layout. In contrast, a new production facility with mostly manual processes requires a much longer preparation time.