We can provide the best price on the market with our unique robotic and automated wiring harness production. Our automated production process allows to produce close to our customers, with cost and CO₂ emission savings over short logistic ways.

We lift the wiring harness production into the digital age with our end-to-end digital process for rapid implementation of design changes.



  • Robotic and automated production
  • One step production
  • Reduced rework
  • End-to-end digital process


Cost Potential

  • Fewer production steps
  • Easy and digital documentation
  • Opens up potential for new processes
  • Taping
  • Wire colors



  • Short project implementation time
  • Rapid implementation of engineering changes
  • Production site close to customer saves additional CO₂ Emission


Our business model is the digital production of cable harnesses to customer order.

We are the worldwide first tech Start-up to start manufacturing state-of-the-art wiring harnesses with an in-house developed and patent protected digital manufacturing process!

Our system combines the automated cutting of the cables and the automated laying of the cable harness without errors.

  • Optimized digital interfaces & connected systems: intelligent procurement & optimization of preparation times
  • Indirect quality control through continuous process monitoring
  • Make to order: minimal storage costs

With the support of the Bavarian Government, the next development step, the automatic plug assembly is already in progress:
By using different force sensors, AI supported image recognition and machine learning, we combine human senses with robotic precision – for zero errors during the plugging process.

Our aim: the comprehensive automation of the entire production process.

Your Benefits

Low Costs

Our procedure enables the cost-effective production of wiring harness in high-wage countries:

  • Standardizing production units, which lead to shorter preparation times.
  • Elimination of idle times – our entire process is designed lean.
  • Reduction of unnecessary storage.
  • Above all: our automated and optimized production process.
  • Design changes at short notice can also be carried out flexibly and without cost increases.

Simplified Supply Chain

We simplify the supply chain for our customers:

  • We can produce next to our costumer and thus preventing dependencies and uncertainties.
  • Zero-defect policy on the process side. Thanks to integrated digital documentation, which provides a complete transparent product report.

Low environmental impact

Thanks to local manufacturing, we are reducing our carbon footprint:

  • The digitalization of the manufacturing process enables us to plan materials and process steps precisely. This reduces our scrap and rework rates.
  • Simple and highly flexible factory layout for low environmental impact.