Wiring Harness

There are over 1500 single wires in today’s high technologies vehicles. The wiring harness is one of the last parts in modern automotive industry which is still produced primarily manually. The downsides of this manual process are high error rates, slow and inflexible production and wage dumping. This results in inflated and unreliable supply chains and risky dependencies. Long transport routes lead to increased and avoidable CO₂ emissions.

The solution: Automated Wiring Harness Manufacturing Process

Our unique automated wiring harness manufacturing process is enabling the cost-effective production of wiring harness close to our costumers vehicle assembly. In addition to simplifying the supply chain we are able to reduce the carbon footprint by local manufacturing and significant reduced scrap and rework rates.

Perfect technology for innovative mobility concepts

Worldwide high tech companies are working on new mobility concepts like delivery drones, autonomous logistic robots and urban air mobility. They have all the need for a complex wiring harness in common. With our new ams reichert production technology we can produce cost-effective even a single prototype wiring harness. Our customers in this area are pioneers in engineering, which involves many last-minute design changes. Therefore our fully digital workflow is optimized to implement late design changes. Our production technology is not limited to specific wiring or connectors, so we are open for all new wiring harness design solutions.


Wire Harness Production

  • Manual production
  • Long Change Operation
  • Long Supply Chain
  • Production in low cost countries
  • Wage dumping

Next Generation
Wire Harness Production

  • Automatic production
  • Short Change Operation
  • Short Supply Chain
  • Local production
  • Attractive pricing